The Ewing School

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Our Approach

"Effective speaking is the revealing expression of a human personality"

- Dale Carnegie
Communications is a skill. 
Imagine for a moment that you have mastered the principles of effective communications. What does that look like for you? Now, a more challenging question: how are you going to get there?


We don’t master skills overnight. Rather, we grow through deliberate practice and applied feedback. This is the heart of our approach at The Ewing School. We are unique in focusing on your long-term skill development as a speaker as well as a listener.  

Together, we will clarify your vision, define a path forward, and make it a reality. Through personalized coaching, you’ll understand your current skill level, learn to give and incorporate feedback, and make demonstrated progress toward your vision. 
Our training focuses on building your individual brand and letting your personality shine through your communications, whether you’re testifying before Congress or having a casual conversation at the coffee machine. 
Ultimately, speaking is about unleashing the power of your personality. And listening is about empowering your audience to unleash theirs. Together, done well, you will make a lasting impression. 
That’s what the Ewing Approach is all about. 



Team Workshops

Jumpstart your team’s journey to becoming excellent communicators with a tailored workshop. Participants walk away with a clear understanding of their current skill level and areas for improvement.

Individualized coaching

Focus on your long-term growth as a communicator. In one-on-one sessions, you'll develop a vision for your personal brand and make clear progress toward achieving it. Requires a strong desire to grow, deliberate practice, and excitement for receiving honest feedback.
Limited availability.

Keynote Speeches

Invite Bob Ewing as a keynote speaker for your next event.  Inspire your audience. Motivate them to action.  Teach them fundamental principles they can apply immediately to build their personal brand. Bob will tailor his presentation to meet your event’s specific needs.