About Bob Ewing

Bob Ewing helps people to grow and connect.  


He has coached thousands of professionals, activists, and students, empowering them to explain complex ideas in clear, compelling terms. Through individualized trainings and interactive workshops, Bob helps people nationwide and beyond connect with their audiences through empathic listening, public speaking, and networking. 


Prior to founding The Ewing School, Bob pioneered a communications training program at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, where he also built and led a record-setting media relations team.  He was Director of Communications for the Institute for Justice, which has received more than two dozen national communications awards, and held the inaugural Leonard E. Read Research Fellow position at the Foundation for Economic Education. He continues to serve FEE as an alumni board member. 


Bob is wilderness first aid certified and enjoys climbing mountains, floating rivers, and being unplugged outside with his partner and puppy.


Bob Ewing



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