Great Communicators 
Online Course

Hone your listening, messaging, and delivery with this

8-week course.

About the Event

Great communicators aren't born, they are made. With deliberate learning and practice, anyone can become the next Andrew Carnegie or Steve Jobs.

In this online course, a select group of individuals will work -- together and individually -- to learn and apply the fundamentals of communications. In monthly group sessions, participants will learn the fundamentals of listening, messaging, and delivery along with their compatriots. Between online sessions, students will be asked to complete deliverables that are immediately applicable to their work.

Course Schedule

October 22

Know Your Audience (Group Online Workshop, 1.5 hours)

If you don't know your audience, you can't communicate effectively to them. This workshop teaches you to identify and connect with your audience to maximize the power of your message.


Assignment: 1-3 personas of your particular audience. In your work, who are you trying to communicate with? What do these individuals care about?

November 12

Know Your Message (Group Online Workshop, 1.5 hours)

Do you have enough clarity in your messaging to be able to say it in a paragraph? How about a single sentence? 3 words? In today's distracted world, this is what it takes to get your message into someone's head. This workshop will give you the tools to clearly and succinctly communicate what you have to say and use stories to paint a picture.


Assignment: Develop 1-3 proverbs and 1-3 stories that you can use to communicate to your intended audience

December 3

Speak So Others Will Listen (Group Online Workshop, 1.5 hours)

No matter how honed your message, you must speak with poise and confidence in order for others to listen to you. This workshop will teach you the most important aspects of delivery and help you identify the ONE Thing you need to focus on to improve your speaking.


Assignment: Practice giving extemporaneous speeches using your audience personas, proverbs, and stories that you developed to make progress on improving your ONE Thing.

December 17 (Optional Advanced Session)

Speak So Others Will Listen (Group Online Workshop, 1.5 hours)

Present your extemporaneous speech (complete with proverbs and stories) to demonstrate the progress you made on your ONE Thing. Celebrate your accomplishments with your fellow Great Communicators.


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