• Maryrose Milkovich

Audience Profile

Understand your Audience


WHO are you talking to?

What ONE audience do you want to reach? (Academics, reporters, donors, staff, business leaders, policymakers, internal stakeholders, bloggers, influencers, etc.)

Who are 3 specific people within this group? List their name, age, gender, job, location, and any other details you can think of.

What are they like? (Casual, quirky, formal, energetic, calm, exuberant, prolific, intellectual, hard-working, dis/agreeable, genuine, methodical)

Where do they consume information? (Twitter, NYT, Politico, blogs, Clubhouse, CNN, Fox News, Substack, academic journals, Netflix, Bloomberg, books, conferences)

What else is worth noting about your audience?

What are they interested in?

What personal beliefs do they hold? (Political, religious, scientific, family)

What are they motivated by?

What are their goals?

What challenges do they face in achieving their goals?

Tailor your Message


What’s the big idea you want to convey?

What does your audience know (or think they know) about your big idea?

What do you want your audience to do?

What traps are you likely to fall into? (Jargon, technicalities, tangents, disparaging comments)

How can you front-load an idea or story that will immediately hook the listeners you just identified?

How can you help your listener(s) achieve their goal(s) while also achieving your own?

Start drafting a version of your big idea, proverb, analogy, or story that will most resonate with your identified audience.

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Audience Profile
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