Bob is the most incredible and talented speaking coach. He has helped me prepare for TV and radio shows and public lectures, and his lessons still stay with me. He really cares about your growth, he pours his heart and soul into working with you, and his training, advice, and assignments are precise and personalized to you. I’ve become a confident speaker, approaching public talks with ease now thanks to Bob. I plan to continue working with him if I need help preparing for specific talks. He’s a naturally talented, charismatic, and inspiring coach, and I highly recommend him for all types of speaking engagements.

Liya Palagashvili, Associate Professor of Economics, State University of New York - Purchase


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bob for many years now. He always delivers! He leaves his audience members feeling inspired, encouraged, and empowered to tackle whatever obstacles stand in their way. His approach is professional and captivating no matter what audience he is engaging. Want to inspire and encourage others through speaking? I highly recommend The Ewing School. I promise, your mindset on workshop speakers will never be the same.

Tiffany Staley, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Youth Entrepreneurs


I've known and worked with Bob for 13 years. He's the best kind of teacher. He doesn't just impart communication skills. He also imparts the passion and confidence that turn a mere speaker into a leader, someone who inspires others to transform the world. Bob's unique, personalized approach to coaching - which ranges from mastering essential communications principles to running up mountains - will help you identify exactly what to do to become the best version of yourself. If you're looking to distinguish yourself in a competitive marketplace, The Ewing School is the edge you need.

Jeff Rowes, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice